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November 2015 CD Reviews
by George Fendel
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Live In Bern; Scott Hamilton, tenor sax, and the Jeff Hamilton Trio.

Emerging Markets; Pete Malinverni, piano.

But For Now; Bob Dorough, piano and vocals.

A Beautiful Friendship; Alexis Cole, vocals and Bucky Pizzarelli, guitar.

Live In Studio; Gerry Gibbs, drums.

The Real Thing; Eric Alexander, tenor sax.

Washington Hall Stomp; Greg Ruby, guitar.

New Chapter; Jason Klobnak, trumpet.

Invisible Man; Frank Kohl, guitar.

Impressions; Kirk Reese, piano.

The Royal Bopsters Project; vocal group.

And Then There Were Three; Keigo Hirakawa, piano.

First Impressions; Tom Harrell, trumpet and flugelhorn.

Dan Trudell Plays the Piano.

Sophisticated Abbey; Abbey Lincoln, vocals.

Mort Weiss Is a Jazz Reality Show; Mort Weiss, clarinet.

Say When; Steve Davis, trombone.

Lotus Blossom; Andrea Brachfeld, flutes and vocals.

Home Sweet Home; Patrick Williams, big band.

Easy Living; Rebecca Hardiman, vocals.

Lado B Brazilian Project; Catina DeLuna, vocals.

Breathless; Terence Blanchard, trumpet.

Remembering Ol’ Blue Eyes; Lou Volpe, guitar.

Our Roots; Geof Bradfield, tenor sax.

Trumpet Summit In Prague; Randy Brecker and Bobby Shew, trumpets.

December 2015 CD Reviews
by Tree Palmedo
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Mette Henriette - untitled (ECM, 2015); Ben Monder – Amorphae (ECM, 2015)

Darrell Grant - The Territory (PJCE Records, 2015)

Halie Loren - Butterfly Blue (Justin Time Records, 2015)

Joe Manis Trio - The Golden Mean (SteepleChase Look Out, 2015)

Flipside - Perfectly Sane (2014)

Adam Larson - Selective Amnesia (Inner Circle Music, 2015)

Wadada Leo Smith and John Lindberg - Celestial Weather (TUM, 2015);

Juhani Aaltonen and Iro Haarla – Kirkastus (TUM, 2015)

John McLaughlin - Black Light (2015)

January 2016 CD Reviews
By George Fendel
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Spherical; Tim Warfield, tenor and soprano sax

Wherever You Go, There You Are; Michael Kocour, piano

The Mood I’m In; Marlene Ver Planck, vocals

My Shining Hour; Bobby Broom, guitar

Our Father Who Art Blakey; Valery Ponomarev, trumpet, arranger

Let Me Love You; Nancy Lane, vocals

This Happy Madness; Cory Weeds, tenor sax, w/ the Jeff Hamilton Trio

Evoke; Blueprints Trio

Interludes; Lyn Stanley, Vocals

The Knife; Ben Winkelman, piano

Some Morning; Kim Nazarian, vocals

A Walk; Will Caviness, trumpet and flugelhorn

My Heart’s In The Wind; Deborah Shulman, vocals

Tomorrow; Ira Hill, vocals

Soundscapes; Lew Tabackin, tenor sax and flute

Photographs; Mary Foster Conklin, vocals

Live Beauty; John Stowell, guitar; Michael Zilber, saxophones

Exit Moon; Kenny Carr, guitar

Blue Whisper; Amina Figarova, piano

Bactrian; David Friesen, bass and Glen Moore, bass

February 2016 CD Reviews
by Tree Palmedo
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Avishai Cohen - Into the Silence (ECM, 2016)

Michael Formanek Ensemble Kolossus - The Distance (ECM, 2016)

Ches Smith - The Bell (ECM, 2016)

Dave Scott - Brooklyn Aura (SteepleChase, 2016)

Ike Sturm and Evergreen - Shelter of Trees (Kilde Records, 2016)

Nautabot - Nautabot (Self-released, 2016)

Bill Stewart - Space Squid (Pirouet Records, 2016)

Great On Paper - Great On Paper (Endectomorph Music, 2016)

Charles Lloyd and the Marvels - I Long To See You (Blue Note Records - 2016)

Jon Davis - Changes Over Time (Posi-Tone, 2016)