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In February’s Jazzscene -
Feature Stories
Kenny Barron
An Exclusive Interview and Narrative by Jazz Scene Editor, Ryan Meagher

Gary Bartz
An Exclusive Interview by One of Gary Bartz’s Former Sidemen, George Colligan

Previews! Selected upcoming events
Ravi Coltrane by Joe Manis
Africa Brass by Ben Turner
Charles Lloyd by Rita Rega

Third Annual Amateur Vocal Contest
February 7, 2016

A maximum of twelve singers will be selected to compete at the Third Annual Jazz Society of Oregon and Portland Jazz Singers Foundation Amateur Vocal Contest on Sunday, February 7 at Vie de Boheme Restaurant. Entrance fee is $25 per contestant. Two of the three judges adjudicating will be Rebecca Kilgore and George Fendel.

Click here for an Application Form and further information

Questions can be directed to pdxjazzsingers@gmail.com

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