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We are proud to be part of a vibrant Jazz community in the Pacific Northwest. On this site, you will find original articles on local clubs, musicians, and events, as well as, reviews of Jazz recordings, a great calendar and information about Jazz Society activities. Dive in, enjoy the articles, give us some feedback.

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In January’s Jazzscene -
Feature Story
Jazz: A Lesson in Compassion and Understanding
by Ian Christensen

Previews! Selected upcoming events
Gilad Hekselman : One of NYC’s Most Exciting Talents Vists Portland
PSU Scholarship Weekend : Find Your Voice
Oregon Jazz Festival featuring Julian Lage

Third Annual Amateur Vocal Contest
February 7, 2016

A maximum of twelve singers will be selected to compete at the Third Annual Jazz Society of Oregon and Portland Jazz Singers Foundation Amateur Vocal Contest on Sunday, February 7 at Vie de Boheme Restaurant. Entrance fee is $25 per contestant. Two of the three judges adjudicating will be Rebecca Kilgore and George Fendel.

Click here for an Application Form and further information

Questions can be directed to pdxjazzsingers@gmail.com

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