Jazz Society of Oregon Hall of Fame

(Last Update 6/9/2016)

Each year we honor an outstanding local musician by naming them to the Jazz Society of Oregon Hall of Fame.

These musicians have earned a reputation for excellence in jazz performance in Oregon and beyond. In addition to jazz performance, each has also contributed to furthering jazz education, and has been a strong advocate for America's original art form.

JSO Hall of Fame members:

2014 Gordon Lee
2013 Shirley Nanette
2012 David Friesen
2011 Phil Baker
2010 Tall Jazz (Mike Horsfall, Dan Presley, Dave Averre)
2009 Art Abrams
2008 Darrell Grant
2007 Glen Moore
2006 Thara Memory
2005 Eddie Wied (May of 2005, a special off-season induction)
2005 Dan Balmer
2004 Tom Grant
2003 Rebecca Kilgore
2002 Ron Steen
2001 Nancy King
2000 Dave Frishberg
1999 Mel Brown
1998 Leroy Vinnegar