About Us

(Last Update 07/23/2014)

The Jazz Society of Oregon is an all-volunteer organization. Many thanks to all of the members who have volunteered their time during the past 35+ years to keep this organization alive. New volunteers are always welcome. Just send mail to volunteer@jsojazzscene.org.

JSO Officers

  • Bill Powers, President
  • Chuck Carpenter, Vice President
  • Richard Lazere, Ph.D., Secretary
  • Arthur Marx, Treasurer

JSO Board of Directors

  • Chuck CarpenterĀ 
  • Richard Lazere, Ph.D.
  • Ken Loveall
  • Arthur Marx
  • Scott Phillips
  • Bill Powers
  • Margie Smith
  • Mitzi Zilka

Jazzscene Magazine

  • Lynn Darroch, Jazzscene Editor, Writer
  • George Fendel, CD Reviews
  • Shelley Garrett, Calendar Coordinator
  • Jessica Rand, Writer, CD Reviews
  • Rita Rega, Featured Musician Interviews
  • Deborah DeMoss Smith, Writer