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Clubscene - WordJazz


Stepping out of an elevator
into a cozy oasis
on the twenty third floor of the Hilton
where shadows of flickering candles
dance suggestively
the music
seems to erase all the insecurities
that have plagued your day.

The staff welcomes all
weaving past small round tables
providing refreshment
a warm smile
piping hot dishes
a hug to old acquaintances

Toni Lincoln, the featured artist
is invited to sing
appreciation is in the applause
in a soothing tone
she shapes songs
the way a sculptor shapes
a lump of clay
she promises to love
"Come Rain or Shine"
then came
"Stella By Starlight"
sung with sophisticated elegance
an animated
"One Note Samba"
all timeless melodies
in the background soul stirring
bass plucking
the timekeepers rhythmically irregular
propels the music and interplay
between a stylish floating piano
blowing your subconscious mind
titillating the listeners

Redd Williams
September 29, 2006

Copyright 2007, Jazz Society of Oregon