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"Short Takes"
Cleve Williams Birthday Bash at Wilf's November 7, 2006

Eddie Wied - Piano
Greg Gobel - Piano
Eli Reisman - Guitar
Bobby Bradford - Cornet
Bobby Hernandez - Sax
Sam Schlichting - Sax
James Tharp - Bass
Dennis Caizza - Bass
Kurt Deutscher - Drums
Ron Steen - Drums
Gary Irvine - Drums
Sweet Baby James - Vocals
Carey Campbell - Vocals
Mia Nicholson - Vocals
Rebecca Kilgore - Vocals

Election night was remarkable in jazz circles not because of the Republican Party or Democratic Party but the birthday party in honor of 76 years young Cleve Williams, master of jazz trombone. Wilf's at the station was the location of this tribute to Old Cat ‘bone meister' Williams attended by the crème de la crème of jazz musicianship.

Emceed by Ronnie Steen, a musical tribute to Williams was provided by Eddie Wied "The Professor" on the keys, spelled by Greg Gobel; Eli Reisman on guitar; Bobby Bradford on cornet; Bobby Hernandez and Sam Schlichting on sax; and James Tharp on bass, followed by Dennis Caizza. Curt Deutscher banged on the skins along with Ronnie Steen and Gary Irvine. Sweet Baby James offered up some sweet song stylings followed by Carey Campbell, Mia Nicholson and early in the evening, the incomparable Rebecca Kilgore.

Birthday cake was served along with lots of good wishes, hugs and kisses. In attendance also were jazz diva Shirley Nanette, Geneva & Paul Knauls, Lorna Bracken and a multitude of old friends and well wishers. There was lots of nostalgic talk about the old clubs where Jumptown jazz cronies used to meet, toss back a few drinks and make sweet music. Mr. Cleve Williams is a vital part of Portland jazz history and one of the nicest men in musical circles. May his life be long and his music strong.

Thanks for the memories, Cleve.


Copyright 2007, Jazz Society of Oregon