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Wilf's Restaurant - Saturday, August 19, 2006
Mia Nicholson Trio

Mia Nicholson - Vocals
Steve Christofferson - Piano
Tom Wakeling - Bass

Come Back To Me
Little Did I Ever Dream (Frishberg)
Laughing At Life

Mia is just returning to the stage after the birth of her first child six months ago. Her husband and son were present for the first set. She is a very experienced and effective singer with a growing career in music. I have seen her gig posters in Port Townsend.

Mia has great timing, convincing and engaging delivery, and fine tone control. Subtle nuanced lines are her currency. Quiet intensity is the game with Mia. This is an exceptional musical experience, especially with these old chums of hers. Mai has a sensuous and inviting stage presence. The deep respect these players have for each other is completely obvious. Symbiosis

Detour Ahead -- Steve's solo on this tune is virtuosic! He plays the melodica in beautifully accenting phrases in his piano solo. Wow!

The One I Love Belongs to Somebody Else -- (Mia comments she has a list of songs not to sing at weddings. This is one. The next is more appropriate to the wedding job....
The More I See You.)

Tom Wakeling is perfectly contented to be the consummate accompanist; this is a great trait to have when backing a great singer. I have often heard Tom when he is an absolutely stunning soloist. His unassuming solos here are very melodic and exceptionally well balanced, and so like the gentleman he is. In one case, he goes halfway through the 16 bar solo, and hands it off to Steve, who also goes 8 bars, and they happily hand off the job to the beautiful singer. Ahhh! Lots of style!

Mia sings several songs in Portuguese, and her diction is very convincing and appealing. Samba with jazz timing - excellent! Other wonderful songs in her program included: Can't We Be Friends, Paul Simons' song, Honesty "...just give me some tenderness beneath your honesty," One Little Taste, Cheek to Cheek, Everything Happens To Me, I Only Have Eyes For You, Late Late Show and Alone Together "... we can weather the great unknown, if we're alone together."

Wilf's is located on SW 6th, down by the Union train station. It has a marvelous menu and a warm and cozy atmosphere that makes you feel welcome. The service is attentive and the vibe is right. Plus, one of the best pianos in town. There's no cover at Wilf's and jazz happens most nights. Give it a try.



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