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Cathedral Park Jazz Festival - Sunday, July 16, 2006
A Vocal Review

Robert Moore
Johnny Martin
Kevin Mahogany

"Sunday in the Park" was launched with the dynamic energy of former Alabaman Robert Moore and his swinging Wildcats. Robert has made quite a name for himself in the year plus that he has lived & worked in our fair city. He sings & swings with the best on vocals, plays the trumpet & harmonica and writes much of his own music. Robert adds a "bluesy" touch to his jazz renditions, which slathers his work with southern soul.

Johnny Martin provided a superb follow on set with his inimitable "cool crooning" and as usual, a sense of humor that makes him "funtabulous". Johnny is equally at home with saloon style ballads as well as up tempo swing numbers. His set left us toe tapping and smiling, in a good mood for Kevin Mahogany, the featured performer of the night.

The Park was bathed in sunlight, which warmed the crowd who loved Kevin Mahogany. His rich, mellifluous voice, sense of humor and rapport with the audience made his set a crown jewel for a generally fabulous day. Phil Baker, Ron Steen and Randy Porter were swinging backup for a wonderfully entertaining set punctuated by several appearances by Robert Moore who scatted with K.M., played his horn and served as a condiment to the spicy dish which was K.M.s song feast. Families, friends and fellowship were the order of the day on this 75th anniversary of the St. John's Bridge and the 26th annual Cathedral Park gathering. Jane and I are already looking towards C.P. #27, as it is certainly a place to build super jazz memories. The memory and the melodies linger on.

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