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LV's Uptown - Saturday April 8, 2006
Jovino Santos-Neto
Jovino Santos Neto - Pianist, Composer and Leader
Rogerio Botter Maio - Bass
Marcio Bahia - Drums

LV's is a fine, tiny jazz spot, with a major focus on listening. It is part of the University Place Hotel, the former Double Tree Hotel at SW 2nd and Lincoln. Nice food and drinks, non-smoking, and decent parking. They are about to enlarge the music listening area.

Jovino is a transplant from Rio DeJinero, Brazil, now living in Seattle, and brings a beautiful sensibility from his home country. This trio has been playing together for 13 years. It is so tight and commanding in its approach to this complex and deeply emotional music. This is Brazilian jazz, with many currents from other exotic places. Jovino is a prodigious talent on piano and as a composer. His music is definitely suited to dedicated listening environments, and this tiny jazz room was overawed by his talent. This music seems best suited to a concert hall.

Bassist Botter Maio is extremely complex and refined with an amazing subtlety.
Drummer Bahia is a fantastic soloist, never outstaging his bandmates, instead accompanying them in full support. The years of work together between these players are so obvious in their deep simpatico. Oddly, it seems to be a fourth musical presence.

Each of these pieces has several contrasting movements with new dynamics, and a playful mix of different rhythmic elements, some breaktime sections and always the wildly complex chords. This is lush and inviting music! If you are familiar with Michel Camillo you'd like Jovino's music. This masterful music!

If you have any chance to hear this ensemble, which plays frequently in Seattle, and likes the Portland scene, don't miss them!



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